Parameters Present
Storage space for datamore information By variant By variant
Amount of transferred data(traffic)more information Unlimited Unlimited
Transfer rate (upload/download)more information Unlimited By variant
Max file sizemore information Unlimited Unlimited
Max number of filesmore information By variant By variant
Number of user accounts for one servicemore information By variant (1-5) By variant (1-∞)
FTP accessmore information OK OK
SMB (may be connected as a network drive)more information OK OK
rsync (for synchronization)more information OK OK
WebFTP (Access via the web interface)more information OK OK
NFS accessmore information OK OK
WebDAVmore information OK OK
Downloading individual files via HTTPSmore information OK OK
Subversion repositorymore information OK OK
Git repositorymore information one of the most modern facilities in the Czech Republic

Data stored in the Czech Republic (legislation in order)more information OK OK
Data backup in another disk arraymore information OK one of the most modern facilities in the Czech Republic

Geo separated backupsmore information OK OK
Data encryption filesystemmore information OK OK
Restrict access to individual IPmore information OK OK
On-line management via Customer centermore information OK OK
Monitoring of used space in administrationmore information OK OK
E-mail alerts when limits occured more information OK OK
Access applicationsmore information From third parties From third parties
Mobile appmore information From third parties From third parties
Safe data transfer (encrypted communication)more information OK OK
Synchronization(via external application)more information OK OK
Possibility of automatic backups(via external application)more information OK OK
Servers on backbone networkmore information OK OK
NONSTOP customer support and technical monitoringmore information OK OK
Firewall protectionmore information OK OK
Yearly or monthly payment frequencymore information OK OK
Possibility of - 11 ways to pay ordersmore information OK OK
Possibility to change the payment frequencymore information OK OK
Brand servers, own datacenter and own networkmore information OK OK
Professional services solution(one of the best in Czech Republic)more information OK OK
Certification according to standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 from TÜV SÜDmore information OK OK
Guaranteed availabilitymore information 99,99% 99,99%

What our customers are saying about us h2>

Read response of our customers. regardeless of our standing as the fastest growing company in this sphere in the Czech Republic (since December 2010) we are constantly improving our services and improving the customer service. We believe that you will be our satisfied customer too. Although we have been operating on the market for a relatively short period of time, we are already ranked among the three leading campanies in this hosting sphere, thanks to the quality of our services (smooth running, professional customer support, full automation ...).

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Terms of payment

Prices are for one month of operation at yearly rate of payments. The billing period is yearly, if paid in advance for one year. No fees for setting up. The customer can choose the monthly payment frequency (+10%). This can be changed at any time.

We offer 12 payment methods.

Seven good reasons to choose us

Datacenter WEDOS

On our pagesdatacenter you can find the answer to the question of how we could afford such low prices. There are details about the facility, the equipments and the operation of our data center. Our data center WEDOS is one of the largest and most modern data centers in the country. »

Webcam occupies the main hall WEDOS data center, which has a length of 33m and area of ​​about 200 m2


Since the beginning we are using servers and storage arrays FUJITSU because they are the most economical and reliable solution on the market and fits exactly into our concept. We operate our services in one of the most modern facilities in the Czech Republic

Fujitsu Eternus DX80

On this hardware we operate storage hosting.

Fujitsu DX80 Fujitsu

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