For homes

WEDOS Disk is great for home

Take advantage of this service WEDOS Disk for yourself, your family and friends. Do not lose your data never again. Safely backup your files, photos and multimedia with WEDOS Disk. Currently most homes have all the important information on their computers, laptops or mobile phones. Most people take pictures with mobile phones or digital cameras, and then these photos are stored in their computers without further processing. Don´t not worry that all your documents, data and files, including digital photos or videos can be lost and disapear?

It is so easy to lose all the data

You do not neeed to be robbed or your data to be burned out in order for you to loose them.Just a small (and frequent) common failure of the hard disk in your computer can do the domage for you to lose instantly all your data. This fact is not to be underestimate.

Online store

Service WEDOS Disk offers online storage for safe storage array. You can choose different protocols to be used through a variety of programs you can edit your documents directly to the secure storage services WEDOS Disk. Just use the appropriate application and set all that you need.

Online backup

Backing up your data, files and photos has never been easier. Just use the appropriate application and set all that you need.

Online sharing

Sharing files with your family can not be easier.

Online synchronization

Use online synchronization between devices which you use. Anytime when you change a file in the PC, it should be reflected on your laptop or mobile phone. Just use the appropriate application and set all that you need.

Access from anywhere, anytime

Always and everywhere have the actual data. No matter what computer you used. To access your files you need any computer or smart phone and internet. Nothing more and nothing less.


Whole service is designed in order to be very simple and user-friendly. Everyone can choose how they will use the service and what software to use to connect. Just use the appropriate application and set all that you need.


All operations are carried out online and in real time. Reading or writing files on WEDOS Disk is not limited and the only one limitation is the speed of your Internet connection. The service is not consuming for data transfers and speed.

Send a link to download

Do not send files via e-mail, but simply send a link to a file, that you have stored on WEDOS Disk and save yourself from slow e-mails sending to recipients and also not fill up their e-mail box unnecessarily. (Coming Soon)

Multiplatform use

Service WEDOS Disk works with any operating system, including mobile phones.


The service is safe. Data is stored on professional storage arrays FUJITSU ,safe and modern datacenter. During the operation of the service, we are taking care of the maximum security, and therefore you do not have to worry about your data. You can encrypt data at any time and we are prepared for the future possibility of automatic encryption service WEDOS Disk.


Access to your data can only be through someone that you specify. Nobody else.

Datacenter WEDOS

On our pagesdatacenter you can find the answer to the question of how we could afford such low prices. There are details about the facility, the equipments and the operation of our data center. Our data center WEDOS is one of the largest and most modern data centers in the country. »

Webcam occupies the main hall WEDOS data center, which has a length of 33m and area of ​​about 200 m2


Since the beginning we are using servers and storage arrays FUJITSU because they are the most economical and reliable solution on the market and fits exactly into our concept. We operate our services in one of the most modern facilities in the Czech Republic

Fujitsu Eternus DX80

On this hardware we operate storage hosting.

Fujitsu DX80 Fujitsu

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